Eleven Plus Entrance Examinations


Selective state grammar schools and independent secondary schools use the Eleven Plus (also called 11+) exams to assess students for entry into Year 7. These form part of the entrance requirements and are usually taken when the child is ten years old.

The written tests are in the following subjects:

English – this includes the skills of reading comprehension, spelling, grammar, and writing.

Maths – this includes calculations using (+, -, x and ÷), and questions including graphs, data and angles.

Verbal Reasoning – vocabulary development is essential.

Non-Verbal Reasoning – knowledge of test formats is useful for this test of pattern recognition using shapes.

The entry requirements for schools are often different, and some establishments have their own examination format. Some schools also hold interviews for candidates.

We have experience in preparation for the 11 Plus exams, helping children to succeed in gaining places at their specific chosen schools. Our tutors can cover all of the required topics in the examinations, and fit into your school selection strategy. Tuition with us gives your child a focused way to work towards success in the tests.

We offer tuition in the London and most areas of the home counties.