Home Tuition

No matter what stage you are at in your further educational career, be it studying for the IELTS, an international foundation course, bachelors or postgraduate degree, extracurricular, private one on one tuition sessions can ensure that you achieve academic excellence and increase your understanding of and enjoyment in your chosen subject. Investing the extra time and energy in your learning development will result in stronger academic qualifications and more self-confidence in your abilities.

In your hourly tuition sessions, our tutor will guide you through the process of developing your academic English language skills to better enable you to gain the most knowledge from your lectures and background research on your subject matter. You will work together to carefully improve features of your work such as research, analytical thought processes and critical reasoning, essay structure, sentence structure and presenting an argument. These skills and methods will stand you in good stead for both term time essays and longer coursework requirements.

For oral exams, vivas or presentations, our tutors and presentation delivery specialists will both work with you to ensure that your presentation materials and delivery techniques are impressive to the examiners and something for you to be proud of. They will also ensure that you receive the coaching you will need to answer any follow up questions posed on your subject matter confidently and authoritatively. These skills will ensure you are well equipped for any post qualification career you choose to pursue.

Your tutor will work with you more intensively during exam season to improve your exam essay writing techniques, time management skills and revision methods to ensure you are ready to do your best under time pressure.

With our one-to-one guidance, you can be sure that your tutor is focused directly on what you need to ensure you always do your best.